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Twicklebot keeps your viewers engaged while you stream. It’s like a reliable, friendly, sometimes grumpy mod. Use Twicklebot with Stream Alerts for maximum viewer engagement and funsies.

Chat Commands

!twickle will get your point value in a community

!twickle [Twitch username] will get a specific person’s point value in a community

!award [number of points] [Twitch username] [Reason for award] will award or deduct points from a specific person in your community (only community leaders and mods have this ability)

Automatic Mentions

Twicklebot will automatically notify you when:

  • Someone earns points

  • You award points to someone

  • Someone is referred into the stream

  • It feels lonely

If you’d like to disable Twicklebot, just DM JakeFromTwickle on Discord.