Our Mission


We want to make it easy to join the Twitch community and bring the experience to


We were intimidated when we first found out about Twitch. We played games, but we were by no means gamers. What actually kept us tuned into Twitch was the community. Never before had we felt so easy to connect with people over shared passions. Never before had we seen a place where anyone could find a family. But there were hurdles. The chat was frighteningly fast, with commands we did not understand, or even know how to find. Who the hell is kappa? What is a raid and where are you taking me?

We wanted to support our favorite streamers by donating, but even this was difficult to set up the first time. To put it simply, we wanted to participate; to be a part of the community. 

We want to bring this feeling of community and passion to the rest of the world. We want to make it as easy as pie to join Twitch, find the communities you like, and participate in them without having to go through a scattered virtual manual. If you believe in our mission too and would like to participate, or just say "hey", reach out!