The social media hub for your Twitch community


Twickle brings all of your growth platforms together.

Community growth happens on Twickle - a single place for referrals, your Twitter, your Discord, and your Instagram - helping your viewers connect with you and you connect with them. 


An Extension for your Twitch Page.

  • Get your viewers to refer their friends and follow you for points, right on your Twitch page

  • See the top 5 viewers on the leaderboard and get your viewers enticed to grow your community

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Give points to your supporters for following and visiting your social media.

  • Get your supporters to share your stream to their friends by giving them points for each new person they bring to your stream.

  • Give points for following and visiting your social media.


Discover who is growing your stream.

  • Excite your viewers to keep their status on the leaderboard.

  • Find out who is growing your stream and how.


Reward your supporters however you want

  • Use Twickle in your own way and give points for things we didn’t think possible.

  • Use our Edit Points Feature on your Leaderboard page to give people points for things outside of what’s built into Twickle.


Host giveaways and reward your top promoters. 

  • Use Twicklebot to reward your viewers by hosting giveaways based upon their Twickle points.


Keep your viewers engaged in growing.

  • Get updates in your Twitch chat every time one of your viewers grows your community - encouraging your other viewers to as well. 

  • Allow your viewers to access Twickle by using the !twickle command.

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