TwickleFam Community Guide

Discover how you can earn points for Twickle funsies and score some phat lewt on our Twickle Fam Community Page. Rewards and Raffles coming soon!!! #PHATLEWT


Kick off TwickleFam and get 6,000 cumulative points

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Earn points

Make Twickle better

We routinely bug Twicklers around the globe to give us feedback, answer some questions, get interviewed, and test out some new stuff. At least now we’re giving you points for it. Get these by joining our Discord, filling out a form, and/or joining our research group.

  • Report new bugs +10

  • Request a new feature +10

  • Participate in a survey +20

  • Participate in a remote interview +60

  • Test out a new feature in a remote video chat +60

  • Test out a new feature live with your community (Twickle Streamers only) +60

  • Participate in an in-person session (Only for Californians, soz) +120

Participate in the Twickle community

We just want to be loved and for people to love each other. Show everyone some love in our Discord.

  • Post an introduction in Discord +20

  • Welcome a new sign-up and engage them in conversation +30

  • Do something nice for someone in the community +?

Use Twickle in your own community

If you’re pushing Twickle to the limits, we couldn’t ask for more. Ask Jake to review these and give you da points.

  • Award someone in your community with a custom action +5

  • Have the panel image on your Twitch page +20

  • Use the OBS Overlay +30

  • Have a chat command linking your Twickle Community page +30

  • Create a community guide for awarding other stuff in your community (reach out to Jake to get you set-up) +50

  • Link Twickle in your other social media profiles +50

  • Host a raffle/giveaway +50

Support Twickle on social media

Donate and Buy Merchandise

  • For every dollar spent or donated +3

Want your own Community Guide? Feel free to make your own or reach out to help get set-up.