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What is Twickle?

Twickle is a Twitch Extension that gives viewers incentive to share and promote your stream on their social media; getting you more viewers and closer to becoming a partner. 

Why Twickle?



Increase your reach

Studies show that consumers respond to word-of-mouth 10x more than paid media. 

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All the cool kids do it

Top companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and Postmates all use incentivized referral programs to find customers.


Do what you love

Spend time doing what matters most - producing content - and let Twickle grow your community.


How It Works

Twickle leverages your greatest marketing resource- your community - to create an even bigger community using tools like incentivized referrals and loyalty bonuses.

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1. Viewers copy their unique link

Viewers copy their unique link either in your chat or on our panel.

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2. Viewers share your stream

Viewers will share your stream on their social media, gaining points for each person they bring in through their link. 

You can see who in your community is promoting your stream the most and reward them. 

Your viewers can also see this panel, incentivizing them to share even more and climb up the leaderboard!


3. Viewers follow your social media

Viewers can get even more points by following you on social media. 

Try Out a Demo

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Like what you see? See a demo leaderboard and try it out yourself.


Meet The Team



Bharat Batra

Chief of Technology



Chief of Product


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